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"Nathaniel Bellows has followed up his debut in exquisite fashion and solidifies his standing as one of the best indie songwriters working today."
—Markus Druery, NeuFutur Magazine

"Swan and Wolf is definitely one of 2018’s more formidable independent releases and distinguished by its high level of lyrical and vocal excellence."
— William Elgin, Music Existence

"Nathaniel Bellows’ second album definitely rates as one of the more intelligent and substantive releases you’ll hear this year."
— Jason Hillenburg, Vents Magazine

"Swan and Wolf is one of those albums defined as starkly scrumptious, dreamy, and haunting. It's an album requiring more than a single listening to fully appreciate the subtle sonic nuances. The arrangements are wonderfully wrought, and Bellow's voice approaches the hypnotic."   
— Randall Radic,


My new album, Swan and Wolf, which features 10 new songs accompanied by 10 of my original illustrations, will be released on March 30, 2018. The record includes appearances by Timo Andres, David Garland, Michael Hammond, Kid Millions, and Padma Newsome, and is available for pre-order on Bandcamp -- limited edition CD and digital download and exclusive limited edition hardcover book, which includes all the illustrations and lyrics, as a companion to the CD. To find out more, visit the album's site. You can listen to the first four singles, "Keep in Mind," "How High," "To Wait," and "Only Love"--and read mini reviews where they premiered--below.

Listen to the entire record on Bandcamp below. And there is tons more info--drawings, lyrics, music, reviews, and purchasing info on the album's site.




"The sparsely arranged song is mostly acoustic guitar and vocals. Bellows’ deep baritone gives a feeling of stoicism similar to Johnny Cash or Crash Test Dummies but the lyrics are really worth delving into. They are intense and poetic. Evocative imagery like “The storm folded into the stone” or “like the ground intuits every rise, every nuance of plow” show why Bellows’ book of poetry was called “smart and powerful” by The New York Times Book Review and Library Journal."
Surviving the Golden Age (track premiere)

“As well as being a singer, Nathaniel is a published poet and novelist. This is clear in the imagery of new track Keep In Mind. Animal and nautical images paint a picture in this melancholic track. Echoey, bassy acoustic guitar backs up Nathaniel’s mournful voice.“ – York Calling "Discovery" (UK)


"One listen to Bellows deep sweeping voice and carefully thought out instrumentation, which features Timo Andres on piano, will keep your attention extremely focused. The song has a slow building catchy conclusion that ends with layered vocals of Bellows pleading “say how high.”"
The Fire Note (track premiere)

"This morning, Bellows shared "How High", the newest single from Swan And Wolf (March 30th). The contrast between Bellows' rough voice and the gorgeous instrumentation (aided by composer Timo Andres) is really striking and keeps the interest at peak levels throughout. This is a must listen."
Paste Magazine

"In his new single "How High," Nathaniel Bellows proves that a voice can be both hearty and delicate all at once. The song, with its sparse guitar/piano/vocal arrangement, is literally breathtaking. It's no surprise that Bellows is also a poet and novelist - his lyrics are shimmery meditations on life, reflecting on the complexities of human existence in an unassuming yet outspoken manner."
The Deli Magazine



"...and, while we’re all about being happy and upbeat and feeling free, sometimes you need to slow it down and enjoy a good song for what it is: emotional, dark, intense, and equally as freeing. This is the feeling you get from the first chords of Nathaniel Bellows‘ new track “To Wait”,  which finds its exclusive streaming premiere right here, right now. As the song progresses, a dark and beautiful love affair brims within its lines for those who happen upon it..."
Imperfect Fifth, Track premiere and interview


"What’s immediately noticeable about this song is Bellows’ voice. It’s shadowy and commanding; instantly snaring you like some innocent prey. "
Earbuddy, Track premiere




My record, The Old Illusions, a collection of 8 original songs featuring arrangements by Aaron Roche, Alex Sopp, David Garland, Julie Lee & Dan Burns, and DM Stith, is available now! Listen below via Bandcamp where you can also purchase the record— digital & and limited edition CD, which includes two of my illustrations.
Also available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and another platforms.



And here is a new song, "It Never Ends," which I recently recorded
with the composer and pianist Timo Andres.


Selected Reviews:


"The Old Illusions is a very intimate, earnest album. Bellows’ vocals are piercing, and very distinct; perhaps the best comparison would be that of Marcus Mumford, but more refined. That’s not to say this lacks in any emotional capacity, for it’s the intensity of Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen that lives within Bellows’ ability to tell a story and focus squarely on the lyrics. And it really is the vocal performance here that stands out; Bellows bears the unmistakable mark of a haunted, introspective artist. This is the perfect tool to enhance the lyrical, poetic and vivid imagery of the lyrical content...The Old Illusions is a perfect title for this record; Bellows is indeed a throwback and progressive all at once. This isn’t a showy or flashy album, but it is full of imaginative vibrance. A complex and interesting songwriter, Bellows has fashioned an album that requires more than a single listening to appreciate everything happening in the arrangements and lyrics."
- Heidi Drockelman, Indie Music

"In [The Old Illusions] there’s a wild delight in the sensual quality of language. In closer “The Calm,” Bellows cartwheels through lines like, “In the calm and the psalm and the salt that’s thrown over the shoulder of the saddest of soldiers who’s carving a doll from the soap in the stall of his horse.” The Old Illusions is a moving record that reconstructs the past through what was handed down and, more, what we still tell ourselves. There isn’t a wasted note, inflection, or moment here. Indeed, there is no time for showy virtuosity when there’s so much to say". - Richard Sanford, The Agit Reader

"Unconventional low fi recording and years of finesse have worked a treat on The Old Illusions. There is a warm through line that channels through these songs [and]gives it s a unique olden sound, which when mixed with the homemade recordings gives it added depth and flavour. Folk fans – your first essential album of 2016 is here." - Simon Smith, Higher Plain Music

"The Old Illusions is simply a man and his guitar; combining Bellows’ haunting voice akin to the baritone base of Marcus Mumford, and his introspective, and colorful lyrics aid in the immense quality of this record. There are times when listening to this album, that you will unknowingly be tapping your foot or nodding your head. This is definitely an album you should listen to more than once, each listen gives you a different impression of the music and definitely, Nathaniel Bellows as a musician."
- Margaret Jokoh, WLOY Loyola Radio (score 9/10)

"The Old Illusions is an impressive debut; [an] earnest album…Bellows employs a minimal approach to song writing. In the main, these solemn ballads are based around acoustic guitar, piano, flute, backing vocals and the deep voice of Bellows. The style is not dissimilar to early Leonard Cohen, both in the sparseness of instrumentation, and in the poetic style and content. The simplistic nature of the composition works well with the poet’s lyrical style, allowing the skeletal rhythm of the words to show healthily through a lean body of guitar and atmosphere…Bellows has a mature [and] strong, clear voice." - GIGSoup UK

"I’ve found myself listening to tons of wintry folk tunes, but perhaps none sounds as complete as the new album from Nathaniel Bellows. The Old Illusions is filled with intricate little guitar details, and a voice that haunts the inside of your mind. Listen carefully throughout, as you’re going to find these little bits of accompaniment that make this album wholly enchanting and pretty inescapable. In a landscape where tunes get discarded for the next batch, this is something with which you can spend all day."
- Nathan Lankford, Austin Town Hall

“[Oh, Now] is an incredibly complex track that requires more than one listen– each time you
play it you will discover something new. Bellows’ lyrics can be taken apart and
interpreted how you wish. This track is a wonderful departure from the common, cookiecutter
songs, and will leave you wanting more.” – Elmore Magazine

"[Oh, Now] is a tender, patient track with a charming dramatic quality to it, a somber
horn section really bringing the heartbreak home." - Magnet Magazine




My friend, the novelist and memoirst, Kate Christensen, interviews me about the The Old Illusions, for Largehearted Boy. Other topics discussed: Working in various crative fields, art-as-childhood-companion, the importance and inspiration of landscape, cooking with vegetables, and the arrival of the stowaway snail. Click image below for interview text:




Short inteview at Ghettoblaster magazine:
"Nathaniel Bellows Discusses Being a Poet, Novelist, and Musician"




Here's a video I made for my song "The Reason," from The Old Illusions, which features
a few new drawings of mine.


A video for an older song, "Keep in Mind":


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